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What to Look For in Trash Pick Up Services

Do you need trash pickup services? If so, you want reliable contractors you can depend on for your temporary or permanent trash needs. Like any other contractor, you should do your due diligence when finding the right service. Here are some things you should look for in a trash professional.


You want any business you hire to provide good customer service and friendliness. A good trash company has people who greet you when delivering bins or picking up your items. If you call or email them, they should answer any questions you may have. They should be professionals who represent the company and take pride in their waste or recycling removal work.

Space Capacity

When you hire a trash service beyond your municipal city one, that means you have an extra load to get rid of. Therefore, you want a provider who has the container quantity and size to hold the trash or recycling you need. According to, a standard garbage truck can weigh as much as 64,000 pounds. Be sure the roll-off dumpster or trash pick up service you partner with can handle as much!

Transparent Pricing

Different trash contractors have various ways of calculating final prices. Some may charge by the load weight. Others may charge by the size of the container used. How often you schedule trash pick up services can also tie into the final cost. Be sure to talk to the company about their pricing plans and receive open, honest answers.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. That’s because the planet is filled with loads of trash. There are trash landfills around the world that won’t be able to disintegrate the items there for hundreds of years or more. Unfortunately, the United States has more trash than any other country. You may want to find trash pickup services that use the right practices to remove trash. Many services are also involved in recycling. See if it’s possible to have a recycling pickup in addition to regular trash. You can always ask what they do with their trash load when they haul it away.

These are a few things to consider when investing in local trash pick up services. You want professionals who always act accordingly. They should be able to supply the right type of containers for your needs. Don’t forget to ask how they work for the benefit of the planet. For a range of trash and recycling services you can feel confident working with, contact the Opdenaker team today for assistance!


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