Business Waste Solutions

From your desk to your dumpster we offer sustainable business solutions for solid waste & recycling.

Commercial Waste Disposal Solutions

RT Opdenaker & Sons provides weekly waste removal services for of all your business trash and recycling. We offer commercial dumpster rentals in a variety of sizes, and permanent commercial garbage disposal solutions.

Choosing Opdenaker for your business services means:

  • Your dumpster is empty on your scheduled day
  • Your staff’s design & engineering skills aren’t wasted on creatively piling trash around your full dumpster
  • Your service is provided by well-trained, experienced, & professional staff that goes the extra mile to get the job done right
  • Your monthly service rate is the same rate you were quoted and IS NOT a launching pad for “fees & surcharges”



2 Cubic Yard 3 Cubic Yard
Height 36" 50"
Depth 36" 40"
Width 70" 70"
4 Cubic Yard 6 Cubic Yard 8 Cubic Yard
Height 48" 60" 84"
Depth 54" 66" 66"
Width 70" 70" 70"


Unacceptable Materials for Permanent Dumpsters

Depending on where you’re located and what size permanent dumpster you need, the  specific guidelines and list of accepted materials may differ. 

Recycle Right!

NO RECYCLING IN PLASTIC BAGS.Recycling placed in plastic bags will not be collected.

Recycling sorting facilities are aggressively enforcing policies to ensure a clean recycling stream. This in response to a major shift in the global recycling comoddity market has resulted in sorting facilities requiring "cleaner" recycling streams ultimately levying stiff fines & rejecting loads that do not meet the more stringent specificiations.

Opdenaker is working with the facilities to ensure our customer recycling material is meeting the new specifications and we are asking customers to be more mindful of the approved recyclables list provided below.

Paper & Cardboard 76%
Medical Waste 70%
Industrial Scrap Metal 35%
Glass Bottles 55%

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