Why Is It Important to Separate Your Recycling?

Now that people and companies understand more about the harm we are doing to the environment, recycling initiatives have become more mainstream. However, the EPA estimates that although three-quarters of the American waste stream is recyclable, we recycle only about one-third. Here are some reasons why you should separate your items before giving them to a local recycling company.

Reduce Landfill Waste

Did you know that the planet’s landfills are the largest producer of methane? These sites play a large role in climate change. They emit harmful gases, as piles of items that can’t disintegrate naturally will sit there for decades to come. Plus, the filth can attract vermin like rodents and rats, which further pollutes their local area.

Boost the Economy

According to a recent report by the EPA, recycling is a big part of the American economy, as it employs 757 thousand workers while generating $37 billion in wages and over $6.7 billion in taxes. As recycling continues to become a more normal part of society, it’ll create more jobs and specialties beyond your local recycling company. Freeing various items to be reused in society can give recycling specialists more ways to see what they can do with discarded metal, wood, plastic, and glass.

Reduce Contamination Risks

Did you know placing the wrong recycled items together could be just as bad as not recycling them at all? Certain items can contaminate one another and ruin their repurposing. For example, plastic and glass aren’t good together, as the glass can contaminate the plastic. The same can be said if you put glass with cardboard. If pieces of glass get caught up in the cardboard, that cardboard is now deemed useless and can’t get sent to a paper factory.

Reduce Downcycling

Once an item has been separated from trash, you can upcycle or downcycle it, depending on its condition. Upcycling is when an item is repurposed for an equal or greater purpose. An example would be discarded wood being turned into elegant furniture or jewelry. Downcycling is when an item can only be converted to something of lower value. An example would be a solid plastic container becoming flimsy plastic straws.

As you can see, there are many reasons to take the time to separate your recycling properly. Doing so helps prevent gas emissions in the environment and improve jobs in the industry. Start recycling properly and contact your local recycling company at Opendaker today.


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