5 Types of Items Your Residential Curbside Trash Removal May Not Take

Are you about to call a local trash removal service to get rid of some unwanted items? Before you get everything ready for disposal, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain items these services might not take, including the following.

1. Fireworks

Typically, a trash company won’t take fireworks unless you take a few preliminary steps for safety purposes. According to Bob Villa, homeowners must soak fireworks for 24 hours and wrap them in plastic bags before throwing them away. Doing so helps ensure safety because the bags stop the fireworks from drying.

2. Various Chemicals

When tossing out things like bleach, household cleaners, pool chemicals, motor oil, and paint, you need to contact a specialist. A typical local trash removal service won’t take these dangerous chemicals away because they can be harmful to the environment in landfills or dumps. Hazardous waste companies can help you manage this type of waste effectively.

3. Fertilizer

If you never opened that bag of fertilizer you planned on putting on your lawn, you can’t simply throw it to the curb. That’s because fertilizer contains many components that could be hazardous or even combustible. Before your local trash removal company comes, be sure to ask if they have any restrictions regarding fertilizer.

4. Car Tires

Have you ever wondered why car tires are typically hauled off to specialized tire dumps? Well, they’re a unique item that has to be dealt with in a specific way. Therefore, many trash removal companies won’t take them.

5. Other Items

Other items a residential trash removal service might not take include medication, asbestos materials, mold, car batteries, paint cans, and computers. For these items, you’ll need to work with experts who specialize in specific hazardous removal options. Taking the necessary steps to dispose of these items properly helps to keep junk yards safe and minimize dangerous contamination.

When you contact a local trash removal service, make sure you let them know if you have any of these items for removal. If they can’t help you dispose of these items themselves, they’ll help you find alternative solutions to get rid of them. If you’ve gone over the above list and are ready to get rid of your junk, contact Opdenaker today to schedule service!

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