5 Tips to Reducing Our Food Waste

Residential trash removal service carts off a lot of trash each week from homes around the United States. According to Waste Management, in the United States, about 21.5 million tons of waste every year is food waste. How much food waste does your residential trash removal service pick up from your home each week? Here are five ways you can cut down on food waste.

1. Before You Shop, Take Inventory

A lot of food gets wasted because we overshop for food. Before going to the grocery store, check what food you already have in the pantry and the fridge. Making taking inventory of your food a habit can help to reduce food waste.

2. Create a Menu Plan For The Week

Taking the time to create a menu plan for the week will help to cut down on food waste. Try creating menu plans that use the same food prepared differently. For example, you plan to have roast chicken one night, and the next night you can make chicken soup and sandwiches. Please make the most of your ingredients by utilizing them in different ways.

3.Never Shop Without a List

Food waste can come from mindless shopping. Everyone does it, you go to the grocery store for some needed items, and you walk out with an entire shopping cart full of groceries. Create a list based on your menu plan for the week and stick to it. Less can be more when you are buying groceries. If you stick to the list, you will save money and only purchase the food you need.

4. Use Your Leftovers

Use your leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, or cook something entirely different. Leftovers are often tastier than the original meal because they absorb all the flavor. If you can’t eat your leftovers within three days, freeze them. You will have your frozen meal whenever you want it. Frozen foods can remain safe for up to one year.

5. Don’t Prematurely Toss Food Away

If your fresh veggies are getting wilted, make a pot of soup. If your bananas are getting a little brown, make some banana bread. Even if the food looks a little ugly, you can still use it.

Make the job easier for your residential trash removal service and reduce food waste. Your residential trash removal service will thank you, and so will the planet. Give us a call today for information on our residential trash pickup.


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