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4 of the Most Common Types of Household Waste

Household waste is at an all-time high, leading many companies to strive to create more environmentally friendly products. According to DoSomething, more than 200 million tons of waste are generated nationwide yearly. This makes reliable trash removal services necessary to keep our country beautiful. Let’s look at four of the most common types of household waste.

1. Food Waste

Food makes up a significant portion of household waste. Families that don’t eat leftovers often toss out the remnants of the night’s dinner before heading to bed. The days of forcing children to clean their plates are long gone. This doesn’t seem like a waste in the short term. However, it accumulates over the long term, wasting tons of food every year.

2. Plant and Animal Waste

Unused parts of a plant or animal make up another large portion of household waste. Chicken bones are often tossed out, but they can also be used to make chicken broth. Fruit and vegetable peels are usually thrown in the trash, too. However, many organic items that get thrown away can be used for compost. Taking the time to look for other uses for things can help reduce household waste.

3. Plastics

Plastics are another common type of waste. Most products come in a package, and that package is often plastic. Laundry detergent bottles, large containers of food, some sugar, and various other products come in large plastic containers. Items are usually wrapped in plastic, too. This leads to many plastics winding up in the trash bin. Ask a company that offers reliable trash removal services if they also offer recycling services to reduce waste.

4. Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers may not seem like much, but they generate over 3 million tons of waste yearly. These diapers are often the source of smelly trash that can attract pests and rodents. Consider using a biodegradable diaper to help our planet. Additionally, always invest in a reliable trash service to ensure diapers don’t stink up your house due to trash piling up.

Many forms of household waste can be reused or bought in a version that’s less harmful to our planet. Of course, many products are bound to wind up in the trash bin no matter what. That’s where quality trash removal services come in. Contact Opendaker today to learn more about how we can help with your trash and recyclables.


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