3 Things that Require Special Trash Disposal

According to Bob Vila, in order to dispose of fireworks, they must be soaked in water for 24 hours and then wrapped in plastic so they don’t dry out, before being able to safely put them in the trash. Trash removal services can also help you with specific items that cannot be put in with your regular trash pickup. Here’s a closer look at three common waste items and why you can’t safely put them in the trash.

1. Chemicals

This is a broad category that includes everything from household cleaners to batteries, pesticides, and vehicle fluids. If you have chemicals in your home that you are no longer going to use, it’s imperative to dispose of them properly. If these chemicals are put into the trash they could be incinerated or treated in such a way that the chemicals are released and able to cause injury to a worker or environmental damage. Researching any chemicals you plan on disposing of beforehand is a safe way of finding ones you can throw into regular garbage pick-up.

2. Electronic and Digital Devices

Chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel are just the beginning when it comes to hazardous materials contained in common electronic and digital devices. Old TV sets, mobile phones, tablets, or any other device containing these chemicals should never be placed in your trash or in a dumpster. Professional trash removal services can help you dispose of these items in a way that won’t cause the chemicals to leak and cause harm to our natural environment.

3. Household Appliances

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old appliances? Fortunately, when you buy new appliances, many manufacturers will take your old item and dispose of it safely. If this isn’t an option available to you, try contacting your local municipal organizers. Refrigerators can be especially dangerous due to the chemical refrigerants that they tend to contain. Leaving old appliances on the curb is not an acceptable option in most areas. Many towns offer yearly “dangerous trash” days where they will pick up items like household appliances. If you miss your town’s bulky trash day, check with your regional landfill to see if they provide any disposal options for these types of items.

We are here to help you with all of your trash issues. Full-service trash removal services can provide solutions for all of your trash needs, and we can even take care of those pesky items that you can’t put in your trash normally. Contact us today to find out more about helpful and comprehensive trash removal services.


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