Understanding Where Your Waste Goes After Pickup

When you take your trash cans to the curb, do you ever wonder what happens to your waste after the garbage truck comes to pick it up? Once your trash leaves your house, it goes on quite a journey before reaching its final destination. According to Finanssenteret, there are approximately 150,000 garbage trucks in the United States. That’s a lot of trucks collecting a lot of waste every day! When you rely on a professional waste solution company for trash collection and removal, you can feel confident knowing your waste is handled properly.

Sorting and Processing at the Waste Management Facility

After your waste is collected by the garbage truck, it takes a trip to the waste management facility. Here, machines and employees sort through the tons of trash. Recyclable materials like plastics, papers, and metals are separated. Anything usable is baled and sent to recycling centers. Hazardous waste and electronics are removed and handled accordingly. What’s left heads to the next step: the landfill. Having an efficient waste solution is critical to properly sorting and diverting recyclables from landfills.

Final Resting Place at the Landfill

Any non-hazardous waste that can’t be recycled ends up at the landfill for safe disposal. Landfills are filled in layers that are compacted by bulldozers and other equipment. The waste is then covered with soil at the end of each day. Once a landfill section is full, it is sealed with a plastic liner and capped with clay. Landfills are carefully constructed to contain waste and prevent contamination of air and groundwater. While we should focus on reducing waste, landfills allow for the safe disposal of what’s left. An ethical waste solution company will ensure waste is disposed of properly.

While it’s good to know where your trash ends up, an even better solution is reducing your waste in the first place. With recycling and composting, you can divert much of your waste from the landfills. Consider renting dumpsters for your next home project to dispose of waste responsibly. When shopping, choose products with minimal, recyclable packaging. Together with waste solution companies providing recycling and trash collection services, you can help minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills. We all play a role in keeping our communities and planet clean. Call us today at Opdenaker for waste solution services today.


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