Sustainable Waste Disposal Solutions for Your Business to Try

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA estimates that 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable. However, we only recycle approximately 30% of our waste.

That said, if your business is looking to go green, it may be time to go beyond recycling. Sustainable waste management gives you the chance to lower your business’ operational costs while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are some of the best sustainable waste management solutions for your business to try to boost your eco-friendliness.

Conduct a waste audit

It’s important for your business to gather data on the quantities and types of trash your company produces every week. Conducting a waste audit allows you to decide which sustainable waste management practices will work best for your business. This audit can also help your business determine where you’re spending too much money. For instance, if your business recycles paper more than it disposes of trash, you may want to shift your waste budget toward recycling.

Have reusable options

If your business is prone to using disposable coffee cups and plasticware, consider using reusable options in the breakrooms and kitchen area. Replace your business’ disposable coffee cups with coffee mugs that can be washed and dried and reused. Provide utensils or encourage employees to bring utensils and avoid plasticware.

Cut down on printing

Sometimes a business can’t go completely paperless, but you can cut down on printing by going digital with your paperwork. When your business prints only what’s necessary, you help to save on paper, ink, and energy. Employees will also be able to spend less time filing and struggling to find paper documents because their digital copies are simple and easy to find.

Switch up your waste removal services

RT Opdenaker and Sons offer weekly waste removal services for business trash and recycling. With our commercial dumpster rentals available a variety of sizes, you never have to worry about your commercial dumpster rental being too full. Our experienced and professional staff always empty your dumpster on your scheduled day. What’s more, Opdenaker works with recycling sorting facilities to make sure customer recycling material meets recycling expectations for cleaner recycling streams.

For more information on trash and recycling services or to learn more about our commercial dumpster rental solutions, contact Opdenaker today.


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