How to Separate Recycling and Garbage

Are you conscious of the amount of trash in landfills near you? Do you need a waste solution to figure out how to separate your recycling and garbage? Separating waste is important for diverting materials away from landfills and into recycling processing centers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each American produced almost 5 pounds of waste daily in 2018. That’s too much waste taking up valuable resources like land, water, and energy if disposed of improperly. Read on to learn how to separate discarded items.

Establish a Waste Sorting System

The first step to successful waste separation is to set up a waste sorting system. Decide how to divide waste. Begin sorting them into four main categories: recyclables, compostables, unrecyclable waste, and hazardous waste. You may want further separation into metal, paper, plastic, glass, and other waste categories. Once you determine waste sorting categories, label bins and bags accordingly.

Get Roll Off Dumpsters

Once you understand how many categories you want to sort items into, get a container for each. Roll-off dumpsters are ideal for waste management solutions since they come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the dumpster that fits your waste needs. They also come with many accessories like locks, lids, and waste chutes for easy waste sorting. With these roll-off dumpsters, you can start segregating waste without any hassle.

Label Your Waste Bins

Label waste bins to mark which items should go into each one. This identification will help waste sorting go more smoothly and make it easier for everyone to remember. If possible, include a waste diagram of the waste categories and their corresponding waste bin. This way, people know the waste solution for each item.

Incorporate Education

To ensure that waste sorting continues, incorporate education into your waste management solutions. Educate everyone on how to sort waste and the benefits of waste separation. If you have children, teach them about waste segregation and the value of recycling.

You can separate trash more efficiently with an organized waste solution. Follow the above tips to stop adding to landfills and make the most of waste sorting. So take action today and create a waste solution that works for you. Do you still need reliable containers for the job? If so, call Opdenaker Trash & Recycling Services for the best roll-off dumpsters today!


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