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How Do I Go About Scheduling Curbside Pickup at My New Home?

There are several items that, whether it be for state, county, or municipal law, are not acceptable items for curbside residential trash pickup. Such items include but are not limited to appliances, automotive parts, construction materials, chemical waste, electronic waste, lawn care materials, and medical waste. So, what does one do when they need to have one of these items removed safely?

Call a Reputable Company

Opdenaker, one of the core trash removal companies in Pennsylvania and Delaware, offers curbside pickup services for these types of wastes that cannot normally be removed, and all it takes is a quick call or email. Have a microwave you’d like to get rid of? A few old tires? Batteries? Propane tanks? By calling (610) 459-3515, you can get a quote for your residential pickup. Not only can you be sure that these types of waste will be properly disposed of, but you can be sure that they will also be recycled properly when applicable.

Differentiate Between Pickups and Rentals

Opdenaker also offers dumpster rentals, whether that be commercial or residential. Hiring a trash removal company and a trash pick-up service is beneficial in many ways, but if the amount of waste is so exponential, it may be more beneficial to rent a temporary dumpster. This can be particularly beneficial for home construction, landscaping, commercial demolition, and more.

Ask About Sustainable Practices

While trash removal services may seem fairly straightforward, there are many niche things to know about the practice to maintain the utmost safety, sustainability, and the smallest cost. For instance, according to the EPA, it’s estimated that 75% of American waste is recyclable, but only a mere 30% is put in the correct bin. By ensuring the more environmentally damaging waste like chemicals and appliances find their way to the correct facilities, you do an incredible amount of work to avoid poisoning the earth.

Waste removal is a hassle no one wants to deal with. Luckily for the citizens of Pennslyvania and Delaware, it’s what Opdenaker specializes in. By scheduling curbside pickup, you can make a big impact on your home, community, and the world around you, and there’s no better trash removal company choice than Opdenaker. Call our trash removal company today to get started with our services!


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