Household Waste and the Environment

Understanding about sizes and measurements of roll-off dumpsters is key in selecting what type of dumpster you should use for your project. They come in an array of sizes like 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Roll-off dumpsters are a reliable waste solution that many people use when clearing out debris from their cleaning or construction projects. Considering that the average person can generate four pounds of trash each day and solid waste that amounts to 1.5 tons per year, there is a heavy need for a reliable and effective waste solution that works for everyone.

What Is a Cubic Yard?

To put it simply, a cubic yard is the measurement of volume. For instance, the cube of a material I’d 4ft long×4ft wide×4ft high. One can calculate the cubic yard of their debris by using the formulas:

  1. To determine the total cubic feet you will have to multiply length× width× height.
  2. Then do a division of the total cubic feet by 27

In general, dumpster dimensions are provided in feet and are measured from the exterior of the dumpster. This means that the formula above may alter the cubic yards of the exterior dimensions used. For an accurate volume of the dumpster’s interior, the interior dimensions must be used and subtracted about 6-8 inches from the exterior’s measurements.

What Size Should I Use?

Household trash or construction debris can be a challenge when it comes to estimating its volume. A more simplified volume to calculate is that of roofing debris or shingles because of its shape and size. Here are some helpful guidelines to consider what dumpster size you should use for clearing out debris.

  1. If you are planning on using a 10-yard dumpster, it is a suitable size for a small house clean-up such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling jobs.
  2. Choosing a 20-yard dumpster is suitable for large cleanups and large remodeling constructions. They are the most popular dumpster size because of their ability to hold large amounts of debris.
  3. A 30-yard dumpster is a suitable choice for cleaning out debris from the construction of new homes, remodeling of commercial properties, or large-scale home remodeling projects.

It might seem like a good idea to try and maximize the capacity of a dumpster that does not fit the volume of your debris by piling it up over the rim. You are highly advised against doing so because when the debris is piled over it gets considered a hazard to roads, making the dumpster service unable to legally haul the dumpster. When it comes to choosing the correct size of roll-off dumpster, it doesn’t require a lot of work. All you have to do is call in some hauling services and describe the details of your project. It may be a challenge to recommend a dumpster size without first seeing the volume of the debris, but most haulers recommend the suitable dumpster size to the best of their abilities. So if you require the perfect waste solution that is effective, consider hiring the services of a dumpster.


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